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Annuk Creations

Welcome to my new experimental series: Fashion Feature, in which I introduce artists and crafters and their works through fashion.

My fourth guest is Anna from AnnukCreations, who is a mixed media jewelry designer and who creates Mediterranean wearable art in her home in the Alps. She is greatly inspired by her travels, especially to Greece and the Aegean sea, the gold, blue and white colors of the which dominate in her designs. Looking at her creations you will undoubtedly smell the summer, the sea and the sun, feel the warmth of the white rocks on the beach and the sand between your toes. Anna's most beloved materials are wood, metal, wire, clay, glass and paint.

Click on the images of rings to visit Anna's creations.

For an AnnukCreations-sundae...

...first take a lot of sun:

Then add a pinch of sea:

And finally, decorate with those famous white houses:

To take a respite from all that sweet summer heat and intensity, here's a little breezy shabby chic romantic collection on the side:

I hope you enjoyed our little sojourn to the Mediterranean. You can also see what Anna's up to on her blog or by visiting her website.

dresses: rainbow dress, blue high-low hem dress, gold-blue dress, long embroidered peasant dress, short embroidered peasant dress, baggy modeled peasant dress
images: "Mykonos" painting by Lesuisse Viviane, Santorini photo


  1. You know it is funny as the other day I found you two (Dori and Anna) have quite some things in common :) I won't point it all out here, but you are both lovely warm souls to tell the short version :) Great feature!

    1. Can I HUG you, Estella??? Some day I will (in person, I mean), you know that, don't you? ;D

  2. such beautiful layout and creations...

  3. Oh my Goodness Dori... this is such an AMAZING feature!!!! I'm speechless!!! It's an amazing feeling to see my jewelry next to these gorgeous dresses! You have a great eye for color and for fashion, Dori, and you picked such perfect dresses to match my pieces... THANK YOU for this wonderful feature, you MADE MY DAY!!!!!! I feel like I just had my jewelry worn by gorgeous models in a fashion show! WOW!

  4. This is a fantastic post, combining those marvelous, beautifully colored dresses with Anna's adorable Mediterranean style jewellery! The post itself is a little creative piece of art. I really love that!

  5. While I was reading this post I was travelling to Greek Islands again and the time period is just perfect for something like that! Annuk's creations are simple but not that simple at the same time, full of colors that I adore, and full oe mediterranian style! I love them!

    Great post Dori! Well Done!!!!

  6. Amazing creations and feature!!!! Dori made beautiful work here from Annuk's beautiful and warm jewelry! I love this serie!!!)

  7. These combinations are delicious! I can taste the Mediterranean--and the sun and sea!


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